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November 06 2007

Infinite OZ | Tin Man | SCIFI.COM

Take about 20 minutes - close your office door (or whatever other door) so you can dwell along - put on your ear phones/plugs or headphones and check this out. It's pretty awesome... Great advertising too: because now I'm going to want to watch the series (and hope I won't be disappointed).

November 05 2007

Why won't this stupid head ache go away!

August 06 2007

Feeling guilty today: had brought home 3 days worth of work that I was going to do over the weekend, but ended up watching TV (Monk, Psych, SNL etc.) and movies (Zodiac, 23, Happy Endings, Premonition & a few more) over the weekend instead. I guess I'll have to pay the price for that today and over the next few days.... Oh well... :)

August 05 2007


whereissaskia says: I guess it's been around on youtube for a while already, but I just ran into it (The good stuff starts after the first minute or so).

August 02 2007

Featured Windows Download: Defrag your hard drive with JkDefrag GUI

I constantly find excuses about being "too busy to defrag". Let's see if this helps:

July 31 2007


Qualified for Mensa membership?

July 23 2007

Happy Monday! gathering all my files for work & getting ready to leave.

July 21 2007

aaahhhh... the coffee helped opening my eyes. DreamWeaver: here I come!

July 19 2007

Not feeling very "productive" today. Better pull myself together.
Tornado Warning - Yuck - getting ready to spend the rest of the evening in the basement.

July 18 2007

@ work - getting ready for 10 am meeting.
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